Why aqarak is your ideal real estate consultant?

Real estate management sometimes can be a complicated business and take a lot of time and effort, especially if you have several properties – and what if you own one of these properties abroad?
Fortunately, our presence in the digital age, means that this task has become easier thanks to innovative and easy-to-use electronic services, As well with Aqarak, with its consultants and specialists in managing this type of investment, you are now in safe hands keen on you more than ever, but why AQARK and not another one!
Well, let me explain to you…

1- Knowledge and experience.

You don`t need to know everything about the process of buying and selling of the real estate if you are going to hire a real estate broker to do this for you.
As Henry Ford said “When you hire people who are more intelligent than you to do something, this means that you are more intelligent than they are “
So why Not?!
Why not hire a person who is more knowledgeable, aware, and experienced than you in real estate.

2- Reduce the load

In AQARK We have consultants with experience in receiving calls and visits that may be annoying for you, that you don’t` want it. We will also be your representative who will protect you and help you to reach a safe hold, by getting the best offers and selling or buying with the most suitable price for you without any utilization.

3- The Knowledge of the geographical surroundings.

In AQARK we also have a strong knowledge of the geographical surroundings of the property, like its value by evaluating and make a comparison between the surrounding properties and guide you straight in the right direction.

4- All Information about market conditions.

Our consultants In AQARK always make sure to permanently informed and stay up with market conditions that will control the buying and selling process to choose the right time for you

5- Professional relationships and the best choice.

In AQARK We have all care about the professional relations that we need in the process of buying and selling, we know the sellers with a good reputation, Competencies and the Competitive price. We provide you with all information about them to help you make the most right decision.

6- Marketing tools.

In AQARK We have a team with know-how and experience on using the various marketing tools that increase your buying and selling opportunities well. So the smart broker invests his money in all fields related to marketing and selling the property, not only the being in every market but also the being in front of clients in every field they wish and would be comfortable searching through it.

7- Negotiation skills.

In your real estate, we do not only connect the buyer to the seller or the other way round. Rather, our professional consultants are trained to make the situation of their customers in the best way and help their client in obtaining reliable information to achieve the best deals.

8- Legal matters.

When it comes to buying real estate in general, and searching for a new home in particular, there are some precautions to be followed to make sure that you are not a victim of a real estate placement process and we are in your property providing you with all the legal advice and services to avoid any consequences

9- Choose a team that shares your future vision in your investment.

If your business team does not share the same future vision and share your dreams and decisions as if it is an inseparable part of you, then it works for money only and in many cases, these are a reason for the project’s failure, but if the team working with you carries the same message He seeks to achieve it, and you will find that he exerts all his efforts in order to learn, train and advance your project towards success. Therefore, when it comes to managing your real estate in Egypt, you have chosen the right place that has the same ambition to develop and manage or even your investment from a distance, because you no longer need to be present permanently now.

10- Ensuring better service for you and your investment

If you are making your own investment in real estate, rest assured, you are finally sure in the right place now, we have sufficient capacity and experience to manage your real estate property, with our services we can provide to your customers even if you live outside Egypt, you can ensure that your property is serviced and maintained in the required way via Your ability to request maintenance appointments through our company (your property) at any time